Need a New Look or a New Phone?

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Mobile phones have become such an everyday part of life that it makes sense they’re morphing into fashion statements as effective modes of communication. Most style-conscious consumers require a certain level of technical ability, yet like pretty and uncomfortable shoes, are some willing to skip certain features in favour of a sleek design? Thankfully few have to make such sacrifices because mobile manufacturers are well aware that form and function are the true keys to financial success. In addition, mobile accessories such as screen protectors and protective cases ranging in quality from generic to designer can give that old usable workhorse an affordable facelift.

Need a New Look or a New Phone?

Think about your existing phone and consider the following features:
Camera: It’s rare to find a modern mobile without a camera. That said, not all cameras are built alike. In addition to seeking one that has a minimum of 5 megapixels, also look for reviews about light reading quality and low-light capabilities. Those that have both a front and rear-facing camera are a great choice and available through many makes and models. High-quality, easy-to-use factory photo editing software can also be helpful but doesn’t have to stop the purchase if it’s only tolerable yet everything else is agreeable. Simply install one or more after-market editing apps for free or low cost.

Installed Apps
With the plethora of high-quality apps out there this isn’t as big an issue as it once was. However it’s still nice to have a mobile that is highly useful straight out of the box. Whether an Android or iOS user, be sure to look at reviews to see if any upgraded models would be more suitable for your particular needs or if your existing phone can be modified for little-to-no cost.

Any time needs have surpassed the capability of a product it’s time to move on. That could mean a job that requires better phone coverage or larger memory, or diminished eyesight causing the need for bigger keys. Whatever the reason, if your mobile is letting you down, it’s past time for an upgrade. And with all the bells and whistles such little super computers include, don’t forget that it is also an actual phone, so all calls should be easy to make and take, clear for both parties to understand, and with only minimal disruptions in service.

If the phone itself is still good but you’d like to change carriers simply ask if you may bring your existing phone to a new account. There will most likely be a transfer of service fee but it could be worth it to get everything desired.

Yes, style does matter but it’s not just about looking good. Consider too a mobile’s button and screen icon layout. Note that many screen pages can be adjusted to suit personal tastes—yet mechanical button placement is fixed. If less satisfactory design becomes tiresome or the other advantages begin to pale, it may be time to move on. Also note that the latest edition of a model may be all that’s needed to get everything you want.

If key functions and button placement are all fine, and you’re just wanting a new look there are loads of cover options that can help make a mobile look new. First, remove the existing detachable case and clean the mobile. Next replace the screen protector. Having a scratch-free screen will make a world of difference. Then don a new case. Styles run the gamut, from leather portfolios with a front cover to wild animal prints to real wood and metal cases. In order to keep the phone protected consider getting a case that combines both a malleable rubber shield with harder shock-proof bands.

Of course if there’s a great deal to be had and one can afford it, a new mobile can obviously be purchased simply because one wants it. The no-contract plans make such an option particularly appealing to anyone looking for a more cutting edge style than last year’s model.

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