What Does Your Home Decor Say About You?

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Home décor and interior design aren’t just a luxury, but a necessity. Needless to say, it reflects the home owner’s personality and way of living. The way each furniture has been arranged, down to the design and how it was incorporated makes a big difference.

Interior Design

My way of living isn’t complicated. I simply prefer to have things organized, rather than deal with clutter. As a full time blogger, my entire tasks are taken cared of from the convenience of my own home. Keeping my home fitting to my life’s demand is a top priority. After all, I need to be able to work without any distraction or hassle of any sort. In fact, I stay most of the time on our living room since we don’t have an extra room to be converted as my home office. From my perspective, a well ventilated room would suffice to keep myself comfortable and focused.

Interior Design

If I can redesign our place, I prefer neutral colors and if possible I would stick to white or cream shade. Light color keeps the ambiance clean, inviting and leaves an in-depth open space making a small room appear much bigger. For the rest of the setting and furniture, French motif like Todd Doors is my top pick as it is both elegant and classy. In fact, they even have glass door handles that adds a dreamy touch to a beautiful white setting.

Having a beautiful well designed home isn’t as farfetch as it may sound. There are interior design professionals who are available for hire to help spice up a crummy little space. Some decorators even offer free consultation and as well as payment option to make it easier for the buyer. On the other hand, Do-it-Yourself crafts are also an option for those who are on a budget. Personally, I prefer DIY’s as I can personalize things to my liking. Occasionally, I share DIY crafts I find interesting at Décor Darling to share my inspiration.

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