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Well… the boyf is currently out of town so I am obviously sad about it. This will be a very long week as this is the first time that he’ll be away from me for 6-long days. To many it might just be days but for me, each and every single hour that would pass by would feel like forever. So right now I am trying to pull myself together so I can make an update on my blogs. :”<
On the other hand, last night I checked on of my old email and found a linked-in connection invite from a guy that I applied job with back in LA. With that being said, I realized how important social media has become for all of us to stay connected. Same goes for Nationwide Biweekly Administration.

So even if the boyf is away, with social media like facebook I can exchange emails with boyf. Except he needs to find an internet connection first. I’ll try to get my groove back, and hopefully I can post something more sensible for you readers to read. Til’ next xoxo.

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