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One of the most popular trends in wedding rings this year is getting rings with shared features. The man and the woman’s ring look similar, yet each is made to suit the person wearing it. For instance, the design of the diamonds may be identical on each wedding ring, but the band of the woman’s ring is thinner and more delicate while the man’s band is wider and masculine-looking. Check out some other growing trends in wedding rings this year.

A Combination of Stones A wedding ring with different types of stones is another trend. For example, a woman may prefer a wedding ring with a design that contains both diamonds and sapphires. The traditional classic diamond is present in the ring, but there is a modern twist with the addition of sapphires. A woman can choose a particular cut of diamond as well as her favorite stone for her unique wedding ring.

A Unique Band A wedding ring with a unique band is a third popular trend. A contour band is an option that many brides are taking advantage of. This is an appealing feature that sets a wedding ring apart from more traditional styles. Plus, this sort of design can be particularly becoming on a woman’s finger. This style is ideal for women who want to keep to tradition, yet have a ring that distinguishes itself from the rest. There are some appealing styles of wedding rings designed by that couples may want to consider.

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