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The Posture Queen

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What is Posture – it’s the way we stand, walk, and sit. Perfect Posture makes a person look healthy and lively. Poor posture makes a person look droopy, tired and stressed.

Check in a full length mirror to find out what kind of posture you have. To make sure you’re at your best posture at all times follow these posture pointers:

Stand tall and straight – hold your shoulders back and your chin forward. Keep your tummy flat and your knees relaxed. Don’t be stiff
Walk tall and straight – Swing your legs straight forward from the hips. Do not swing your hips from side to side. Take even steps, not too short and not too long. Keep your toes pointed straight in front of you.
Sit tall – sit with your back straight and your head forward. Do not slump. Do not cross your legs all the time. Place your feet and legs close together but keep them relaxed.
Perfect posture, good grooming, and a happy smile are easy ways to show your personality.

credits to: Annetta Bailey, Lucille Dunn, & Wanda Vansickle

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