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As a blogger I have encountered brands as well as companies who are still on their startup stage. To break it down, it means these are the products that are yet to be launched or had just started. I am well aware of people being skeptical to trying out new products for its effectiveness or possible side effects. The thing here is, no brand or company would intentionally start a business that is set to fail. It is up to the consumers how they will react and accept a new product that had been introduced to the market. Simply put, it is the “consumers” who are responsible for making a product a big hit or a no go, thus making it a challenge for new businesses to make it out there. Personally I support startup brands as I get to try as well as discover new products. Ever heard of the phrase “you are only paying for the label or brand?” … that’s my point exactly.


So what does it take to make a successful startup business? Getting the word out there for a new product can both be time consuming and expensive. Unless there’s a big demand for the product, it will be a challenge to educate possible consumers. Crowdfunding surely is the best option as it lets you know if there is a big market for an innovative idea. If there is, then you’ve definitely hit a gold mine. The next step to take is to inform the consumers of what your product, brand and business is all about. Some would automatically suggest “social media” but that isn’t as simple as it sounds. Anyone can create an account on well known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but if no one knows about your brand then what good will it do? That’s where MediaPlug comes in – an influencer marketplace. Connecting brands to the right influencer that will help them reach their targeted audience.

Media Plug, MediaPlug

Why MediaPlug? Simple. For any startup brand / company it is essential to find the right influencer from the start. Time is gold and every penny counts. Every influencer have their specialties and certain reach … simply finding a blogger or influencer is not enough as their audience may not be the perfect fit. With MediaPlug, brands can publish their stories* right away and for free! From there, relevant influencers receives a brief and in return can send their social media proposals.

Brands can reach influencers in two ways:

  • Direct Brief: Brand searches for relevant influencers and sends them a brief directly.
  • Post a *story: Brand fills out a brief by selecting their target audience (topics, age, location, gender) and the brief is shared with all those relevant influencers on MediaPlug who can then quote on the job.
  • Mediaplug!, Mediaplug

    As for the influencers, they will have direct access to brands. All the discussions are direct between brand and influencer – the influencer gets paid what he/she quotes. No middle man.

    Brands / Companies only pay a small fee of 9.75% on top of each deal they transact, while influencers only pay for PayPal fees. MediaPlug does not charge influencers any fees in any way. As far as registration, to send and discuss briefs – it’s free. For more details refer to MediaPlug’s FAQ.

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