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Applying makeup may be just easy to some especially if you’ve been doing that for a very long time. But for those who are new to this whole thing, here are a few tips:

– Concealer should always be applied before foundation.
– Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. When it comes to the dark circles under you eyes, avoid using a very light shade.
– You may use an eyeshadow brush to blend the concealer finely into your skin.
– Do not use too much so you can really make sure that there’s no sign of the concealer in your face to keep the natural look.

– Apply foundation with your hand or a sponge.
– As much as possible, try not to put too muh to avoid a mask-look.
– When putting foundation on your eyelids, side of the nose and outside the nostrils, Set it with powder immediately to avoid creasing.

You can use translucent powder but it’s best to used colored formulation for better coverage.
– Make sure that the color matches the foundation.
– It’s better to apply powder in downward strokes so that all areas will be well blended.

– If you want natural flush, go for subtle neautrals.
– For a sun kissed glow, go for a bronze shade.
– Always use a big brush when you apply blush because smaller brushes would make your blush appear painted on.
– Blend the blush in circular movements over your apples.
– Never pair a loud colored blush with a loud colored lipstick.

– Choose the best lipstick color. For fair complexion, go for pinks, pinking reds and natural/nude. For tanned complexion, you’ll loke best with plums, darker pinks, and those that are shimmery. For dark complexion, avoid nude and go for rich plums, reds and mettalic shades.
– Start off my putting concealer over your lips and set it with a pressed powder. (Yes!)
– For matte lipstick, it’s best if you coat it with lipgloss so your lips won’t look dry.

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