Hot Celebrity Looks to Inspire Your Next Shopping Spree

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What’s hot and what’s not. To find out what fashion trends we should be stocking up on we must either look to the runways or celebrities. I have done the hard work for you. Read this article to find out what celebrities have been endorsing.

Polka Dots

Dots are everywhere. It’s a blast from the past. You can pretty much find this pattern on every facet of clothing so there are lots of options. Shorts, skirts and dresses or just buy them all. Kate Middleton and Taylor are to thank for this increasing trend. They are bringing granny classics back with a sleek girl next door appeal. The fantastic thing about this style is that it looks god on everyone; it’s a classic for a reason. The starlettes have made this fashion trend sexy and youthful again. Polka dots are a great way to introduce a fun pattern into your work outfit. They appropriate for lunches, night outings and casual coffees. For winter go with burgundy and navy blue based fabrics, they look great with a parka.

Metallic Marvel

Metallic fabrics have come back big and fast, every celebrity is gushing over metallics. It’s the perfect fabric for the night; they add mystery and edge to anyone’s look. There is a tricky balancing act that is faced by those who dare to wear metallic however. Remember simple is best. You need to be confident, confidence is sexy after all. There will always be a thing line when it comes to shine and sparkles, you don’t want to look like a child who got into their mothers wardrobe. Go for simply sophisticated and you will be killing this looks or pair a metallic dress with some Dr Martens and an military jacket/blazer for a punk effortlessly cool outfit.


Did this ever go out of fashion? This look is fantastic for Sunday afternoon drinks, casual and elegant at the same time and more importantly comfortable. The Middle Eastern and Indian inspired fashions are perfect for people that love burst of colour. They also compliment every body type, it sounds like a dream come true. It’s all about bold statements and confidence with this trend.

Suit up

You can go for a pant suit or the newly praised short suit. The short suit was the hit of spring but is still sticking around for autumn. It’s cute and youthful and makes a somewhat masculine look a little more feminine. Pair this suit with some heels for the night or flats for the day. There are a range of patterns available; you just have to take your pick. It wouldn’t kill anyone if you got more than one suit, it’s for work after all. Smart and cute mixed into one, a dream come true? I think so. So now you know the trends it is time to go shopping! This is the fun part! Try things on and see what works for your personality and body type. The shops that I would suggest dropping into are GeneralPants.com.au Myer and David jones.

My name is Angela Ricardo Bethea and I am the founder and editor behind KoreanDoll.net ( and many other online publications ) ... I love the finer things in life, I'm quite a shop-a-holic and a certified jet-setter. So if I am not behind my laptop to blog, I'd probably be shopping if not traveling.

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