Floral Nails for Valentines

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Less than a week before “Hearts” day! This beautiful guide to create your own Floral Print Nail Art came just in time for Valentine’s Day. No need to fret and worry what style of nail art to have because I am sure this lovely design is fitting for from casual to semi-formal. In fact, it is very feminine and easy on the eye. See for yourselves …

Floral Nail Art

To achieve this nail art you will need the ff:

  • Mint Green Polish
  • Deep Pink Polish
  • White Polish
  • Lime Green Polish
  • Clear / Transparent Polish
  • the photographs below basically are self-explanatory …

    Floral Nail ArtFloral Nail ArtFloral Nail ArtFloral Nail ArtFloral Nail Art

    Beautiful don’t you agree? If you end up trying this nail art for Valentine’s Day do let me know. I would love to see how your version turned out. 🙂 Until next time. xx

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