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Choosing the Right Tops for your Body Shape

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For every woman of every shape, shopping for clothes and getting dressed should be fun! It should make you feel good about yourself and get your day off to a great start.

Making sure that happens means finding the right, comfortable, stylish and flattering clothes for your body shape and if you’re not sure what to look for, then the following style tips will help you find the perfect fit, for you:


Pear Shape:

Pear shaped ladies tend to carry their weight around the hips and thighs, and have narrow shoulders and a petite bust.

Look for: Slim-fitting tops that show off your narrow waist and which have wide and/or embellished necklines. They work to draw the eye up and make your shoulders appear wider to add balance to your overall body shape.

Prints and colours work well to bring attention to your top half, as do capped sleeves, textured knits and layers.

Pair waist-length silk or cotton shirts with chunky knit cardigans or ¾ length jackets, and avoid tops which sit across your bottom; they highlight your widest area so opt instead for those which sit just on the hip or below your bum to give the appearance of longer, leaner legs.

Apple Shape:

Apple shaped women usually carry weight around their upper body and have a larger bust and waistline with narrow hips and slim legs.

Look out for: Plain or embellished V-shaped necklines which will balance out a heavier torso, as will detailing or prints along the shoulder and neckline.
Opt for batwing, kimono or elbow-length cuffed sleeves, especially those which are puffed at the shoulder and then taper to the wrist.

Avoid belts and instead look for empire lines; those which are tailored to fit just beneath the bust to help give shape to a circular body and elongate it.


Ladies with an hourglass figure are curvy, with a large bust and hips and a narrow waist.

Look out for: Wrap-around, belted or tailored tops. They work well to show off your slim waist and feminine curves, so let your figure speak for itself and keep it simple with block colours and quality fabrics that skim your contours.

If you’re self-conscious about a large bust, avoid polo or cowl-necks which can make you appear too top-heavy. Instead, look for fitted, collared shirts and v-shaped necklines that show off your figure, and then accessorise them with a well tied, pretty scarf to cover-up your bust.


Women with a straight body shape tend to lack definition around the bust, waist and hips, but with the right tops, that can be created.

Look out for: Layers of loose, patterned fabrics which drape across your shoulders and skim your bust. They have a curve-building effect which, when paired with wide belts, create a more defined waistline.

Avoid square or box-shaped tops and instead, opt for items which are tailored along the bust and waistline to give the appearance of curves.
There are of course exceptions to every rule and ultimately, your clothes should make you feel great so think about the parts of your body that you love; a shapely neck and shoulders, a great bust, a narrow waist or slim wrists, and keep them in mind when shopping.

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