Broken Silence

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Well… here I am still stuck with my “creativity” frustration. Most of you know that I do web design for blogger back when it was still on the skins format. Then I discovered wordpress and learned how to implement the same design only with php citation and all the crazy codes in it. Then —Tumblr came about and I have decided to give up paid hosting in wordpress. So now I share some themes there too by request, or because some friends wants a custom version, or a modified version of what they have already. That’s where my design comes in. Except I never really paid it much time. Creativity comes in all sorts of form. On this case it is about design on a blog, but I am not happy or content with it. I want to also share my creativity through photographs. Where I can say I took that snap and not –I can take that snap too! 😀

I currently don’t own a professional camera as of yet. But I am hoping soon enough I can finally have one. My current camera is a Nikon coolpix P500 which is a point and shoot so its ability to provide quality macro shot is very limited. But, nonetheless I love my cam. Plus it takes better shots than my Sony dsc s700 which by the way is very much well loved still no matter what new cam I get. Yes it is only a 7.2 megapixel but I spent a good amount of time blinging it up and making it super girly! LOL. So yes, that cam remains my fave. to date.

Before I go let me share a macro shot I have taken with my Nikon…

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