Being a Filipino part 2

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Warning: Read at your own discretion. Second part of my ranting.

Basically I moved out of the Philippines and went to California with No parental supervision. Just on my own, with no one else to depend on or lean on. I am proud to have been very independent at a very young age. Right when I moved to Los Angeles, I worked as the youngest in a Law firm and had been the adorable sweetheart that everyone sees me to be. Again. During those time I started living with my boyfriend, who happens to be a Filipino as well. We happen to have arguments almost every single day and I was terrible at hiding my emotion. My work toughened me up. Dealing with bills day in day out on how we can survive another week and month was very exhausting. Having to come home and have to listen to your boyfriend complain on how messy you are, you can’t cook and clean like a lady is frustrating. He’s right, I’m suppose to be there taking care of him but I also need to rest as I have another day of work tomorrow. Not like were in the Philippines where traditionally women don’t get to work and only stay at home. Plus I never really had to cook or clean not even dare try before him and I got together so how does he expect me to learn all that? So uhh, give me a break please? He’s 3 years older than me, He always act like as if he’s my father. He’s very strict with things on how he wants things done. In the long story short, we didn’t get along and we ended up breaking apart. The good thing about it is that I learned from him. I became a better, wiser, and stronger person than I have ever been. Except that’s what he doesn’t like about me too. He says I emasculate him and makes him feel like he’s not the man of the house. I know when to talk back, and don’t cower in fear if he yells. If that sound too horrible, then I am a horrible girlfriend, but that doesn’t make me a horrible or bad person.

In my opinion, we didn’t really get along because I am not the typical Filipina girl. These men that I have been with basically know me already and still expects me to be someone else. I dont get the point on why Filipina women can’t be just the way that they want to be. Actually, more and more filipina’s are standing up, and making a change. But sometimes the wrong way. Because they can’t be the way they really want to be fearing what their family will say. A lot of these little girls dresses up to what their parents deem to decent and proper only to change clothes when they’re already on the outside. So how can parents help their kids correct a wardrobe malfunction and teach them the fine line of just being comfortable, to being sexy, to looking slutty. Its nice if more Filipinos would be open-minded over the fact that being traditional isn’t always a good thing.

No, you can’t judge me by what I have just disclosed as I prefer to just keep it as is. I only shared it because it pertains to what I am blogging about. I’d like it if you leave the whole story alone as you have no idea what went on during those years, and just relate to it because I’m trying to make a point. Truce?

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