New Launch: A’Pieu X Crayon Shin Chan

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Growing up in the Philippines has introduced to a lot of anime’s that pretty much made half of my childhood. I wasn’t really into outdoor activities and don’t really get to go out as much. Given that, I would be glued to afternoon shows and even have my mama take interest on Dragon Ball Z – yes, my mama’s amazing!

As the years went by, my love for anime shows just kept growing. Eventually I came across Crayon Shin Chan or also known as Shinnosuke ‘Shin-chan‘ Nohara. He was very entertaining and literally captured my fancy. About 2 months ago A’Pieu launched a line of products in collaboration with Crayon Shin Chan featuring cleansing products, skin care as well as hand creams! So when I came across this info, I just had to share it! Check out the infographic below for a break down …

A’Pieu X Crayon Shin Chan Collaboration



Credit: A’PIEU Korea

The following products is the complete collection along with prices:

  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Bubble Foam 200ml – 3,800₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Foam Cleanser 130ml – 1,900₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Clear Water 165ml – 3,800₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Cleansing Oil 160ml – 6,800₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Milky Cleanser 140ml – 4,800₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream in Gardenia – 35ml 3,000₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream in Hydrangea – 35ml 3,00₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream in Lotus – 35ml 3,000₩
  • (Crayon Shin Chan) Dewdrop Clouding Cream – 50ml 4,800₩

View the full collection: A’Pieu X Crayon Shin Chan

Which product(s) from this collection are you looking forward to purchase? The Bubble Foam and the Cleansing Oil seems very interesting for me. Let me know what’s yours!

A’Pieu X Crayon Shin Chan

ฟูว์ ★ (@lansuiren) | ทวิตเตอร์

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