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The Most Important Part Of Your Workout Routine

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One of the most important aspects of a regular exercise routine – and one that is often overlooked – is safety. Things like stretching before you start and taking care of the equipment you use can greatly reduce the risk of injury. Proper gear, like hand-wraps for boxing or good shoes for running, can also be important for safety. They may seem negligible or pointless, but letting an avoidable injury throw off your routine for days or even weeks is even more pointless when it takes such tiny steps to make your workout safe and efficient.

Warm ups are more than just part of the work out – loosening your muscles and getting your heart rate up both make you workout more effective and reduce rate of injury. Stretching lengthens the muscle being stretched, which in turn improves range of motion. That’s why it prevents injury; there are motions that are out of range for you, so there are fewer ways to hurt yourself. Proper warm up means you’re free to push yourself farther and work harder without having to reign in or worry about prematurely hitting your limit.

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Choosing the right equipment for whatever activity you enjoy is also important for maintaining safety during exercise. It doesn’t have to be expensive equipment, as long as it’s good quality and you know how it use it properly. If you box or kickbox, wraps and gloves are important, but knowing how to put them on properly is what makes them the differencee between injury and an efficient workout. If you run, quality shoes that fit well, like the womens Saucony line available at SneakerKing, can not only protect your body from injury but make your runs more fun and more effective.

Don’t ignore your safety when working out. Otherwise, all that effort and hard work is going to go to waste. It’s easy to ignore simple things like these in favor of getting right to the “meat” of your workout, but if you’re putting so much effort into your body, taking a couple of extra steps to take care of it only makes sense.

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