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Why is Plastic Surgery Popular in Korea?

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If you’re into entertainment and the latest K-pop Trends, you’d realize by now that there’s a hype on plastic surgery all over South Korea – most specifically on the Gangnam district. Sounds familiar? Because it is all over the web. Gangnam is the nouveau riche suburb featured in Psy’s music video “Gangnam Style”. Ever wondered why plastic surgery is widely popularized in South Korea? Then you stumbled across the right post. Personally speaking, I’d say it’s mostly peer and society pressure. Our generation made “these surgically altered look” the new norm.

Korea Pageant Contestants All Look Strikingly Similar

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, there are 1 in every 5 South Korean women whose had cosmetic surgery done. Unlike in the US where it is 1 in every 20 American women. The numbers don’t lie – while living in South Korea, I personally have seen one too many women who kind of look alike. Some of them look absolutely doll-like with less Korean like feature and very little sign of work done (but obviously there is – double eyelid, slimmer face, slimmer & elongated nose, pointy chin, bigger boobs and blonde hair gave it away). Don’t ask how I know but she denied getting any work done whatsoever. I totally don’t get the denial part when plastic surgery commercials and advertisements is plastered everywhere.

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I understand if the reason for surgery is to simply enhance features, but I truly believe that our generation has gone quite beyond overboard. If we learn to control and at least be able to set certain limitation, I honestly think surgical enhancements would be much more accepted and “regulated”. So why in Korea? Obviously we have great Surgeons who knows how to deliver better magic over there – for a lesser cost. Quite a big difference in fact and a lot more affordable.

Here’s a few visual stuff to check out:

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