Who’s Ready for Christmas?

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Seriously talking, time flies by fast. Just about a week ago, boyf and I celebrated another year, and now Christmas is fast approaching! Not only that … before the month of December ends, he will also be turning a year older. Then, there’s New Years Eve and Valentines Day! Oh dilemma. Everytime I think about it, I really need to sit down and breathe. LOL.

Shopping Time – can be both fun and at the same time exhausting. Not that I don’t get any joy out of shopping. I do! But it will surely exhaust my savings. I badly need to work twice as hard in order to celebrate these upcoming occasions. Right now, I am considering of getting Caravelle by Bulova and either an iPad Mini or and iPad 3.

CaravelleiPad Mini

Caravelle is an option for as boyf haven’t worn a watch in a while. Ever since his watch died [dead battery] he just stopped wearing any watch altogether. Well … not like he had a lot of watch laying around. Which is why I am considering of getting him a new one. On the other hand, since he loves to watch football and sport games, an iPad mini or iPad 3 would be a great choice as well. We didn’t really use the iPad 1 before and decided to sell it off. Except he’s been thinking of getting one since the newer model’s are way much better than the oldest generation.

I’ll just have to choose wisely on which model I should get. After all, the mini can eventually slow down when newer iOs comes out. Had that experience on my old iPod touch 2nd gen. and the iPad 3 is far better than the mini. Budget wise, the Mini is my best bet but when it comes to functionality it would obviously be the iPad 3.

Anyone of you planning to shop for gadgets this Christmas? Let me know! xox

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