Visiting New York City

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Just the thought of visiting “The Big Apple” really excites the fashionista and traveler soul inside me. If you are following my blog and social network posts, you probably know that I frequently travel (mostly with my boyfriend) and I really can’t wait to go back to the states. Why? Well aside from having time to spend with family, get to check out new places, I also plan to visit some of the greatest fashion exhibit or shows and personally witness some of New York City fashion events.

But for me to be able to make those plans work out the way I want, I need to set up my USA flight first without any hassle. I need to make sure that my travel won’t be that stressful and hard. I am still on the look out for affordable flights to USA without compromising the quality and stress-free travel I want. I already have few options at hand but I am still looking out for the best one.

As soon as I reach USA and touchdown in New York City, I will continue mapping out my plan. Like what I have said above, I really wanted to visit some of New York City’s fashion establishment and places. At the top of my list is the Fashion District.

The Fashion District or also known as Garment District is a place wherein you can find lots of fashion related stuff than you ever imagined. This is where some of the most famous fashion design and designers gets their materials and practice their skills in terms of style and fashion. I really wanted to visit this place no matter what. It’s a historical place and a must visit one for each and every fashion lover or enthusiasts around.

Visiting New York City is always and will always be a good thing for me. I simply love the city and of course I love the reasons why I come and visit this nice place.

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