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Shopping for birthdays, occasion and even for the holidays can be exciting but at the same time challenging. Not everyone can easily find the right product to match the personality of the recipient. Either it is a hit or miss, but when it is the latter one can’t help but feel that money was wasted. Not with Vikaura screen.

Vikaura is an innovative invention that allows its user, friends & family drive images and information out of their smartphone and into their Vikaura Screen – No wires, Thousands of updates.

Shop it, gift it, or even use it! This product can be used in more ways than one can imagine. From the typical hectic schedule, this could be the best way to keep track of agendas as well as important meetings. When it comes to family members, one can simply push their reminders to the user Vikaura screen to make sure their notice doesn’t get lost or buried on a pile of notification. See it in action here:

Vikaura Screen

Vikaura allows not only information, reminders and ideas to be pushed … but as well as images! Never miss a highlight again. The Vikaura Screen got you covered. Here’s a few ideas where to use the Vikaura Screen:

  • Mothers can use Vikaura’s dedicated space to get messages to their kids without competing with text messages from friends.
  • Get a message to your child without breaking the school’s no cell phone policy. The message automatically appears on Vikaura.
  • Share pictures of your kids with your family.
  • Take your recipe book digital. Snap a picture of all your recipes and store them in the Vikaura app.
  • Create “at-a-glance” informational displays – weather, calendars, stock prices, reminders, notifications, etc.

The pointers above is more than enough to make it a great gift for everyone. To top it all, it is a user-friendly device that can be managed through an app in 3 easy ways.

Vikaura Screen

Vikaura Screen

Vikaura Screen

This innovative product allows everyone the freedom of surrounding themselves with the images and information that matters most to them.

Vikaura Screen

Not only that, this product is powered by a patented technology that allows it to function without the use of wires and low power technology – allowing it to operate for years on a single battery or battery charge. That’s correct – the Vikaura Screen is the first of a family of devices that won’t need recharging.

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  1. Skipper

    January 17, 2015 at 10:33 am

    I love this product! This is a fantastic gift for Grandparents and Family members. Who doesn’t want to come home to a new picture of a loved one on their fridge…

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