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Being a Fashion and Beauty blogger, I get to challenge myself with a lot of task that I normally wouldn’t handle as a banker. Every once in a while I miss working in a corporate office and wearing formal outfits. Having my own desk, business card and even receiving flowers.

Now that my work industry is on a different niche, things can rather be different but still the same on some levels. Occasionally, I get emails from event organizers asking for my professional recommendation and point of view. That’s what I meant by saying it’s of the same level with my old job. Being a banker taught me many things, but as a Jr. Admin Officer in the Loans and Mortgages department gave me an experience of a lifetime.

Having the opportunity to share my recommendation for certain events surely is a big deal for me. So I make sure that I look into things thoroughly to ensure a successful outcome. My credibility is on the line, and I take so much pride with what I do. Every venue that I would add on to my list will have to pass a certain guideline that I have set myself. Some of the things I mainly look out for are the interior décor, inviting atmosphere, cleanliness, punctual guest service and so forth. All the rest can be negotiated, but if it doesn’t have the main one’s I am looking for, I’ll have to take a pass.

Recently, I have stumbled upon ETC Venues and I am way more than pleased with what they have to offer. In fact, I am wishing they have branches across Italy and California so I can recommend their venue. For anyone who is looking to hire a London training room for Fashion or for other professional reason, do keep ETC in mind. Aside from meeting my semi high-standard, their interior décor have taken me by surprise. I would say it is more than anything I could want for my own events. If I were to host one, I would definitely want it hosted on a venue like theirs!

ETC VenuesETC VenuesETC VenuesETC Venues
There are numerous reasons I can share on why I think ETC is worth the hype, but the most important of it all is the fact that they can offer event specific venue such as for meeting, conferences, and even exhibition. In fact, the next time London fashion Week launches I’ll keep ETC on top of my list. Not a chance that I would miss out to contribute on any Fashion and Beauty events.

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