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Trend Alert: loots you’ll love to wear

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Since it’s already spring time I picked out shoes, accessories, jewelries, and handbags that I have my best bet on to bring out the spring in you dear readers. So let’s take a quick review of my top picks! Starting with…


1. Espadrilles: I would wear this with a dress that has floral print or any pastel color shade.
2. Oxfords: a great pair with shorts and tank tops, comfy gear for a nice walk in the park.
3. Platform Wedges: I’d say these babies are my favorite. Would definitely be a match to leggings or tights that are either of animal print, or shiny material.
4. Nude Pumps: Most of the time this would be matched with skirts with prints, but I would rather matched them with skinny jeans on dark blue color.


1. Scarves: for a nice warm fuzzy feel while on a breezy walk outside.
2. Rayban Sunglasses: This chic lookers are great outdoors, great match with Oxfords.
3. Fedoras: It gets quite windy too, so why not have a little fun and let your hair flow but not end up like a whirlwind just got the best of you. Great with either Espadrilles or Platform Wedges.
4. Oversized sunglasses: very girly look and can be worn indoors like mall and such. A match with Espadrilles and Fedoras. For a nice touch, tie around a scarf ribbon around the Espadrilles and wear a light tones dress with minimal print.

Jewelry and Watches
1. Chandelier Earrings: I’d wear these lovely dangling modifiers with either tights or jeans, not on dresses or skirt.
2. Cuff bracelets: can be worn along with the Chandelier earrings.
3. Talon Necklaces: can be worn by itself or with Cuff Bracelets.
4. Fossil Watches: feeling like a rockstar? wear this time catcher along with your tights, and Chandelier Earrings.

1. Long Champ Totes: are best paired with Espadrilles. Remember to pick the best matching color! You wouldn’t to walk like skittles…catch the rainbow! 🙂
2. Black Cross-body Bags: This is totally an eye catcher along with Platform Wedges and the Fossil Watch. Hello Superstar!~
3. Cole Haan: Add’s a little feminine touch to a classic jeans and heels.
4. Michael Kors: For that comfy long day outside, grab that Kors and your Oxfords will do the rest.

What’s your best pick among the choices? I hope you like my feature post about fashioon and style. Til’ next. xox

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