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Trend Alert: Lipstick Ready for the Fall

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So, we’re all focused on our wardrobe, as the days start to turn chilly. We hope that you’you’ve given your closet that much-needed sort out, because now it’s time to start looking at our make-up. Is your beauty products up-to-scratch this fall? You can’t really go wrong with the old, autumn faves, but don’t worry – we’ve got a comprehensive guide to what you should be wearing on your lips this season. Want to draw attention to that beautiful pout? We’ve got some winning style trends for you.

wine red lipstick

Nude Lipstick

This season it’s about baring it all. The great thing about a nude lip is that it accentuates your natural beauty and has that pure, naked vibe. Nude lips are famous for the balance they offer to heavy eye make-up, but you might just choose to go understated this autumn. Like most lipsticks, there is potential for fashion disaster (think lipstick on your teeth, on your face, LIPSTICK EVERYWHERE). Be careful not to wash out your features with a nude balm – it just makes you look like you’ve come down with winter norovirus. Not pretty.

The key to getting nude lips right is to start with a smooth base: exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin, then prime with foundation. Line your lips with a perfectly matched nude pencil. When adding your lippie, remember that pale faces should stay with peaches and pinks, whereas dark skin should experiment with chocolate tones. Olive skinned people, you can get away with anything, you lucky girls. Finish with a semi-matte gloss to seal it in. Always apply a little blush so you don’t look like death warmed up.

We Love Wine Lipstick

Always a favorite for oenophiles, when it gets cold we want to look as if we’we’ve stained our lips with a glass of merlot. And if the color didn’t’t stand out enough, we wear it with neutral make-up to make our lips our show-stopping feature. You should keep your lips healthy when rocking this look. Winter plays havoc with our mouth, it chapped and vulnerable to (god forbid) cold sores. Repeat to yourself: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Classic Red

Oh, it wouldn’t be autumn without some gorgeously retro, red lipstick. This trend never goes out of fashion. Paired with some winged eyeliner, you’ve got yourself a pin-up 40s look. Regardless of its vibrancy, red lipstick has always been classy and sexy. Always line your lips first with a good, red pencil that matches your lippie, then apply lipstick generously to your mouth. This will automatically draw a room full of people to your lips – you can’t ignore a girl with bright red lipstick.

A new contender on the red lipstick scene is black cherry. This red is so red, it’s almost black – we love it. The romantic finish is almost vampiric and creates a deadly but sumptuous effect. Dust your cheeks with bronzer to avoid that ‘just crawled out of the grave’ look and enjoy!

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