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Meow, Hello Kitty is in town! If you’re like me, you’d be very familiar of this cute, adorable cat. As I was growing up, I immediately fell in love with this character from Sanrio. In fact … I often frequent a nearby mall to check out their collectible stationaries, pens, stickers and the whole nine-yards of products that is overflowing with cuteness.

Now that I am a full-grown woman (and still child at heart at times) I have slowly transitioned from the child-like collectibles to makeup, skin care and sorts. Which is why I am quite ecstatic to share that Tosowoong is now carrying a Hello Kitty brush that I truly believe is worth checking out … and if I may, collecting! (No judgement here).

Tosowoong Hello Kitty Brush

Tosowoong Hello Kitty Pore Brush – limited black edition plated with 24k gold
icon » Made with fine and micro bristles in 0.005 thinner than human hair and is applicable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Handy, lightweight and easy to carry! MSRP $25

Tosowoong Hello Kitty Pore Brush – white “classic” edition
icon » MSRP $18

Tosowoong Hello Kitty Body Brush – limited black edition plated with 24k gold
» This Body Brush is effective for removing excessive dead skin cells and sebum. Prevents build-up of oily, greasy skin and cleanses with no residue. MSRP $28

Tosowoong Hello Kitty Body Brush
» MSRP $18

Tosowoong Hello Kitty 4D Vibratory Pore Brush
» Deep cleansing effect with 2-way rotating function in 15 degrees. Perfect for troubled skin with large pores, oily skin, excessive blackhead and sebum as well as dead skin cells. This device is powered up with 2 AAA batteries with basic waterproof function, sanitary feature with replaceable brush head feature and comes with easy-to-stand cradle for easy storage and upkeep. MSRP $40

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