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Top Reasons to Get a Breast Lift

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​Breasts can begin to sag for several reasons. A pregnancy or major change in the body can cause minor sagging. Many women are electing to have this addressed with a breast lift when they begin to experience these changes. Plastic surgeon John Fasano shares below the most common reasons to get a breast lift.

Posture and balance

Lower back problems can be caused by posture. Women with larger breasts can get weighed down, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy posture. Many people have reported significant improvements in their posture after having a breast lift.

Better fit in clothes

Many women complain of an improper fit in clothes. Often their breasts are not supported properly, which could lead to sagging. When the breasts sag, clothing may not fit as well. In these cases, breast lifts can add better balance to the chest area.

More natural than implants

Some women are more comfortable with a breast lift rather than implants because they feel it’s a more natural solution which involves less risk. Getting a breast lift instead can be a good way to achieve a fuller cup without having complete breast augmentation.

Get body back after pregnancy

Significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies can change the appearance of breasts over time. A breast lift can add perkiness and sometimes restore the breasts to their original state.

After nursing

After nursing, the breasts can begin to change shape or droop. This is normal in women who have just stopped nursing and breastfeeding. Some choose to wait until after having all of their children before having the procedure.

Old age

It is common knowledge that with age comes gravity. One can begin to see the effects of aging immediately after pregnancy or during middle age. Getting a breast lift and improving muscle tone will improve the shape of the breasts.

Celebrating a milestone

Many people have to get a procedure like this when they are celebrating a milestone. Some plan to have this surgery at a certain age, while others do it after losing a significant amount of weight. Whether done as a part of a makeover or done to celebrate a milestone, a breast lift can really help a woman feel like her old self again.


Heredity and genetics are also common reasons why people get this surgery. Individuals can consider a breast lift well in advance if they know that genetics will cause them to droop eventually. Breast lift surgery gives women the opportunity to overcome genetics and how it affects the body’s contours.

Correcting uneven breasts

Sometimes a woman’s breasts may not sit naturally balanced. Sometimes having a lift can be enough to keep the breasts properly aligned. The simple procedure can give the breasts a natural, more even appearance.

Women deserve to look and feel their best. In addition to procedures like augmentation, more and more women are now choosing the option of getting a breast lift to improve their appearance and overall well-being.

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