Top 10 Musical Shows To See This Year

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There is something about watching movies that makes you feel relaxed and calm despite all the chaos we encounter in our daily lives. I am an admittedly a movie junkie. There are times when I am occupied with too much work that I lose track of the trending films and latest tv shows or music. However, I try my best to catch up whenever I have some free time. Often times whenever I am not busy travelling or doing some fashion and beauty related posts on my blog, you will see me spending time with my friends and watching movies or shows.

Personally, I have never been a big fan of musical shows … until I started watching Glee. I am sure most of you are quite familiar with the hit tv show. Somehow, one part of me can really relate to the story and even got my boyfriend to start watching the show with me. The most recent shocking news of Cory Monteith’s passing or much better known as Finn Hudson (Lea Michelle’s fiance on and off the show) rattled everyone. Seriously life is so short and we shouldn’t take it fro granted. As a small tribute to what just happened I decided I will see more Musical’s this year and I would love to share my list to all of you.


Enjoy Musical Shows Without Breaking the Bank

One of the films I have recently seen is “Mama Mia” with a close friend. It was one of those feel good movies that warms your heart, that I am now adding its musical version to my bucket list. Just recently, I came across a website offering great deal on Musical Tickets. Now, I can enjoy Mama Mia and all other musical shows without splurging too much! I am sure all of use would love to have fun without spending too much on tickets.

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10 Musical Shows To Watch For This Year

I am quite amazed with the works of art that are musical theaters that I decided to browse the schedules of the upcoming musical theaters. Here are my top 10 picks for this year’s musical shows:

1.) Mama Mia » Of course, this is my top pick! I love the collection of songs that this musical has. In fact, it is a big hit because the lively songs get the audience to sing along with it and stand up on their feet. Super excited to watch this!

2.) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory » I have always loved this 2005 movie. Despite the fact that I am a full grown woman now, films like this still gets to me. For the Charlie and Chocolate Factory musical, I am looking forward to how the creative directors of the musical will try to portray the beauty and the uniqueness of the factory. In addition to that, the story of Charlie Bucket will surely touch almost everyone.

3.) The Lion King » This is my favorite childhood movie! Just like its movie version, the musical will surely be a big hit!

4.) Les Miserables » The musical has been in the business for 25 years now. This musical boasts great songs but the most interesting part is its relevant storyline.

5.) Singin In The Rain » I love how this musical is 1920’s themed! The costumes and props are surely worth waiting for!

6.) We Will Rock You » This musical is futuristic themed and features lots of high energy ballads that will surely get everyone rocking!

7.) The Bodyguard » They say that there are lot of Whitney Houston recordings for this musical. One thing I am looking forward to!

8.) Billy Eliot » This is the most inspiring musical of all. It reminds everyone that nothing is impossible.

9.) Top hat » This musical is well-known for its witty lines and hilarious moments. A perfect feel-good musical!

10.) Let It Be » If you are a Beatles fan (who in the world isn’t?), this musical is surely at your top picks too!

I am looking forward to a music-filled next few months of the year! I hope you find this musical list helpful along with the musical tickets deal. Invite your friends and loved-ones. I’m sure it will be fun. Let me know what your plans are! I would love to hear yours. xo

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