Theraderm Anti-Aging Lip Complex

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For a beauty enthusiast, I sure do have a major boo boo! The thing is, I should be well on top of my skin care routine, except there are times that I am slacking off on some department. Not that I’m being lazy or something, I simply have developed a habit of “I’ll do it later” … “Oh, its not that important I can do that in a few” … up until I completely have forgotten all about it!

One of my need to be fixed habit is leaving my lips to dry out and get all chappy. Then I have developed another bad habit of peeling off my dried skin cell off my lips. Which then most often than not cost my lip to break or have a big blister like cut. Ugh! To date I still haven’t learned my lesson and I am working on it now. No peeling of my lips or letting it dry!

Since I have slacked off on taking care of my lips, I needed a fresh start on rejuvenating my lips. Theraderm Anti-Aging Lip Complex was perfectly suited to help refresh my abused lips.

Theraderm Anti-Aging Lip ComplexTheraderm Anti-Aging Lip Complex

This medical grade lip complex is packed with peptides, avocado oil and other nutrients that will hydrate and plump your lips naturally – without the stinging of capsasin. This product can be used throughout the day as a gloss too

Within a few days of using my lips no longer look all cracked and dry. No pictures of chappy lips, it is sterribly gross! Now my lips look a lot better and even healthier! From now on I’ll start taking better care of my lips so it would stay looking plump and kissable! Boyf would stop complaining that my lips are poking his. Lah, so lame of me!

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