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Hello there awesome readers! Today, I would like to share an update regarding my health. A lot of you had expressed concern regarding my neck operation. The cyst removal went well as I have said and to date, 1-month had officially passed. The stitches are completely healed and the scar is starting to look better. I won’t be sharing a pic of my neck just yet as it is still bothering me.

I made a promise right in the middle of my recuperation. That I will commit to a healthier lifestyle and that includes eating habit too! The whole time I have been preparing my gear that would best accompany my plans. I already have a running shoes [which was recently bought too!] and all I need are small add-on’s that can help. So I got a wrist wrap wallet to hold my keys and 3 colors of arm band ipod nano holder.

I’ve had this iPod nano for a while now [2007], and it still looks very pristine and in like new condition. The case I got for it protected it very well all these time. I’ve seen the latest iPod’s in cute vibrant colors but I really don’t need a new iPod as I still have this one, my iPod touch 2nd gen, my iPhone 4 that I am going to sell off and my iPhone 4s that I am using now. All I need now is a good compilation of up-beat music that would keep me entertained while I am getting my groove on. Instead of filling my head with senseless stuff and a bunch of mambo jambo … it would be best if I can focus on my goals and not get distracted. Then again, I am not going to rush. I’ll take things one step at a time. Little by little I’ll get there.

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