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Summer Trend: Drop Back Maxi Dress

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Maxi dresses have taken quite a wave in the fashion world. I have noticed that a lot of Fashion Bloggers are sporting the look and wears and accessorize their maxi in different ways. Then came the high low maxi dress or also known as the drop back maxi dress that looks very elegant and sophisticated. The way it had been styled is very catchy and is a sure fire head turning ensemble. Check out my Neon Yellow Maxi Dress by AX Paris …

Drop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back DressDrop Back Dress

As you may see the dress is really lovely, and with the right lighting and setting it is really stunning and bright. Perfect for any summery occasion and even for semi-formal events. This ensemble doesn’t require much accessories as the shade of the dress is quite a head turner already. I can only imagine how it would it be like if I have a pink or lilac hair like xiaxue / wendy cheng of Singapore.

Also, for those of you who are interested in purchasing this neon yellow dress you’re in for quite a deal! AX Paris is now offering this Drop Back Maxi Dress for a lower price! [check it out here] Originally it retails for $56 and after the price cut it is now available on sale for only $23.98 which is obviously a steal! So make sure to check out the site and get yours now before missing out on this awesome dress.

Lately I have been thinking about my blog and my frequency of blogging. I think it’s about time I stop blogging daily and focus more on my fashion and beauty entries. So I will be focusing on delivering better content and I will be active again on my youtube channel. I also want to improve my photography skill so I will need some time for that as well. Who knows … maybe someday I can deliver professional shots for everyone be it for fashion or events like the one’s I saw Scott Lewis website as a philadelphia wedding photographer. For any comments, suggestion or question feel free to let me know and I’ll try my best to answer as soon a possible and thoroughly. Til’ next! xox

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