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Stylin’ with the Nokia Lumia 900 for NokiaLVK

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As I have promised on my last blog entry, I will be sharing more snaps while I am getting to know the Nokia Lumia 900 for #NokiaLVK …

The Nokia Lumia 900 comes in four beautiful colors (black, sky blue, baby pink, and white). Armed with windows operating system, 8 megapixel camera and 16gb memory … this baby is ready to make waves! Nokia’s marketplace is heavily loaded with wonderful apps, for both the techie and as well as for the fashion enthusiast. I have pre-loaded the Lumia 900 with facebook, twitter, foursquare and of course … Style Saint!

[read more about the style saint app here]


Since I took so much photos, I’ve decided to make a collage 😛

NokiaLVK Nokia KoreandollNokiaLVK Nokia KoreandollNokiaLVK Nokia Koreandoll

I love everything sparkly and glossy. Different types of accessories fascinates me. The Nokia Lumia 900 itself is like a flashy, glittery jewelry for us fashion enthusiast. Everything I could ever want to make a statement is right there at the tip of my fingers.

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