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Spring 2014 Trends – Socks With Heels

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There is a trend hitting the fashion world right now that is sparking lots of debate. It’s a trend that you either love or hate. Who knew socks could totally rock an outfit by being partnered with heels? Previously seen as a major fashion faux pas, this trend is now being seen as ultra chic and stylish. The runways have recently been swamped with models showcasing this unique look. You might think socks are more of a winter thing but they are also proving popular as a spring trend too. You can show off your legs as the weather improves and try out this interesting look.  According to Elle “Chic shoes can look even more stylish paired with socks.”

Socks with Heels

Spring 2014 Trends - Socks With Heels

Ugly Is The New Chic

It seems these days that ugly looks can be switched around to create a fresh, interesting look. Socks with heels, especially open toe heels can potentially look awful. It’s a difficult look to pull off because it can go either way depending on how you put this combination together. It’s not exactly a new thing, people have unsuccessfully tried to put socks together with heels in the past but it’s only now that people are starting to make the right choices. Done right, it can go down a storm on the catwalks.

Built In Or Design Your Own

Some shoes are even being designed now with built in socks. You don’t even have to find a suitable pair of socks to match your gorgeous heels. But for some the fun is in the creativity, and matching the right heels with the perfect pair of socks is all part of the challenge.

Select Your Socks

The socks you choose can completely change your look, from sparkly ankle socks to knee high knitted socks. You can also get socks with embellishments on them such as jewels and sequins. What’s great about this trend is you have so much freedom to express your own personal style and choose a pair of socks that suit your personality.

The Rest Of Your Outfit

Once you have chosen your socks and heels combo you need to find an outfit to wear. This trend works particularly well with short and mid length skirts. This is a sneaky way to show off your legs but still keeping them slightly covered with a gorgeous pair of socks. You can also try out this trend with shorts and cute dresses. There are so many different ways you can pull off this quirky look.

Colour Combos

According to personalised sock supplier Sock Supermarket “Another thing you need to consider when attempting to pull off this look is the colour of your socks.” Lots of girls choose to play it safe by opting for plain black socks, this can work quite well but sometimes it’s nice to go for bolder colours. Bright colours can work, but some bolder patterns can be a little too much. Pastel colours can look lovely and girly and work well with the heel and sock combo.

It’s Not Just Heels

Although heels seem to be dominating this look at the moment you can team socks up with other shoes too. Knee high socks can work with trainers for a preppy look. If you are feeling really brave you can attempt to successfully pull off socks with sandals. Socks can also work well with a good pair of boots.

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  1. Angie

    April 28, 2014 at 12:28 am

    I like the look of long socks with boots or trainers worn with dresses and skirts but…. not sure about the heels!

  2. Saejin

    June 7, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    I usually see long socks paired with platform wedges although I think it looks better with flat shoes. Reminds me of Gossip Girl 🙂

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