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Shoe-gasm: Latest Must Have Pairs!

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Yep, you betcha. I have been eye-in quite a few style / design lately and I have been meaning to share it to y’all. As you all know already Mint had taken over the fashion runway. As far as I know the color of the year still is Tangerine, yet Mint had been trending fast that I just can’t help but take a leap to the wild side.

That’s the thing with Fashion, it’s always changing and if you don’t act fast before you even know it you’re way behind on what’s Hot and what’s Not. I have always love shoes and I’ve decided starting today I am going to start sharing more regarding my latest shoe haul and must have.

I seriously don’t want 100 pairs of new shoes…
I want 101 😛 – Angela Ricardo

High Heel Loafers with a hint of Mint

Mint Green Shoes

Different Styles of Mint Green Shoes

Mint Green Shoes

Mint green shoes will match perfectly with beige, nude and light brown shades of ensemble. I seriously am drooling like crazy over these styles and design. I can’t wait to purchase my own pair. If you have any comments, questions or suggestion feel free to let me know. Til’ next, xox.

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