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Sexy Summer Legs: The Best Hair Removal Products

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With summer just around the corner, women are already starting to pay attention to their legs.  Hairy legs can go unnoticed for weeks during the winter, however they are hard to cover up during the summer (unless you plan on wearing only pants).  For many women, finding the solution for sexy summer legs seems like an ongoing process.  Each year, many different companies come up with new ways to tackle unwanted body hair.  Some women prefer to shave, some prefer to wax and some prefer to go for the big guns, permanent laser hair removal.  Here are 2012’s top picks for smooth, sexy hair-free legs:

The Frequent Shaver
Top Pick:

  • Gillette Venus Embrace: you can get a pack of 2 for under $13.00.  
  • Pros: shaving can be a simple task to do.  There is no much risk or pain associated with shaving (with the exception of getting nicked).  
  • Cons: shaving can be a tedious task for some women.  Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may have to shave on a daily basis.  Buying razors frequently can add up in price.  

The Touch Up
Top Pick:

  • Smooth Away: you can buy this hair buffing tool for less than $15 at your local drugstore.
  • Pros: great for taking care of tiny stubs that may result after a few days of shaving.  Relatively pain free, despite having a sandpaper texture.  
  • Cons: not a good method to remove coarse hair or lots of body hair.  Only great for minor touch ups.

The Permanent Solution
Top Pick:

  • Laser Hair Removal Sessions: laser hair removal is the new trend for hair removal.  Even laser hair removal for men is becoming a trending thing.  Sessions can range anywhere between $50-$400 depending on the area you want to treat.
  • Pros: it is permanent so you will never have to worry about buy razors, spending time shaving, waxing, etc.  It is painless and comes with very low side effects.  Great for all areas of the body from face to legs.  
  • Cons: may cost more upfront, but will be a money saver in the long run.  Some people may experience redness on skin or slight bruising.

Wax on the GO
Top Pick:

  • Veet Wax Strips: available at any local drugstore for less than$15.
  • Pros: waxing lasts much longer than shaving.  Wax strips are much easier to use than hot wax.  They come pre-made and ready to use for any area.  
  • Cons: waxing may be painful because you are pulling out the hair follicles.  Using wax strips in a rush could result in ingrown hairs.  

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