The Secret for Gorgeous Wedding Day Hair

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Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful at the same time. From selecting invitations to choosing the perfect honeymoon, it can be overwhelming thinking about the countless things you need to decide. One area that the bride certainly wants to be perfect is her wedding day look. Everything from the wedding dress, makeup, hairdo, shoes and more need to be absolutely perfect. One area that is often stressful is choosing a flawless hairstyle for this momentous occasion. Fortunately, there is one way to ensure gorgeous hair on this big day: use extensions hair. Below are three types of extensions that can boost otherwise drab hair.

The Secret for Gorgeous Wedding Day Hair

1. Side-Swept Bang

Many women would love the option to add bangs to their hairstyle without having to worry about frequent maintenance and styling. Bangs are especially frustrating when one no longer wants to have them and the time to grow them out seems to last forever. Fortunately, the option to have bangs one day and have them gone the next is now a possibility! A convenient and fashionable side-swept bang is available in almost a dozen hair colors to add a touch of flair to your hairstyle. Many brides often want to dress-up their wedding hair and side-swept bangs certainly add a unique, elegant look. Plus, these unique clip-in bangs never require the commitment of traditional cut bangs so you can choose to wear them after your big day whenever you want.

2. Length and Volume Extension

Many women find that their own hair is not as long or as full as they would like it to be. Fortunately, a 16 inch clip-in hair extension is a wonderful way to add both length and volume to wedding day hair. This extension is available in a loose, wavy texture that instantly provides volume. With over 10 color options to choose from, you can either match your hair color or choose a contrasting hue to add highlights.

In addition to adding volume and length, the 16 inch hair extension can be applied to your own hair in a matter of seconds by following three easy steps:

  1. Create a horizontal part in the back of your hair and clip the top section of hair up and out of the way. You can create a high or low part depending on how long you want the extensions to fall.
  2. Gently tease the hair at the roots just beneath the horizontal part. This helps hold the clips in more firmly.
  3. Attach the middle clip first and then follow with the two side clips.

3. Pony Extension

Gone are the days when a pony tail meant a woman simply didn’t take the time to do her hair. A ponytail can be dressed up in so many ways and can be especially pretty when using a pony extension. This clip-in extension allows you to fill in your existing pony tail and create instant volume and added length. Whether you are wearing a ponytail high, low or pulled to the side, a pony extension will give the added boost to create an elegant look on your wedding day.

Now that you know about these three easy hair extensions, consider purchasing one or more to give you beautiful ways to style the perfect wedding day hairdo.

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