Royalty in Florence

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Yesterday we went back on the road to enjoy the city. Surprisingly I forgot my memory card -_-” I left it still attached in my laptop at home so I had to borrow Sada’s card so I can take extra snaps. I know right? So stupid of me. Boo! Well… despite that set back I am happy to share that my snaps for today is totally worth it! Any woman who wants to feel like royalty would definitely have fun dining at Hard Rock Cafe of Florence.

Then our orders came so our picture taking moments had to put on pause so we can enjoy some delish meal. As always, I ordered my usual order from Hard Rock which is their Steak and mind you I never get tired of having it. Hmnn-mmmn. Check out the snaps below and see for yourselves!

Right after our meal, we did not waste any more time and resumed taking photos. Their furniture is just mind blowing… can’t let this opp pass up. Check it out!

Fun times indeed. Since the day got too busy I did not have much time to take more photos. Tomorrow I’ll share an update about our visit to Juliet’s Balcony so do visit back. xoxo

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