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Missha BB Cream #21

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A few months ago, I have posted an entry “The BB Cream Debate” regarding to what BB creams are and my possible choice. I purchased Missha #21 and have finally got around making a review for it.

Missha BB Cream Review

Missha BB Cream Review

Upon applying the Missha bb cream, I have noticed that it is a lot easier to blend than I have expected. It has a very nice thick consistency or should I say very creamy on touch which is nice. Although I did notice that I have to apply extra dollop of cream on the areas where I have some blemishes to cover up the skin discoloration. It looks unnatural right after applying, but after a minute it starts oxidizing and blends evenly on my skin.

Missha BB Cream Review

Missha BB Cream Review

Missha BB Cream


Product Quality


The only thing I dislike about bb creams in general is that they don’t have product tester available in the market. Obviously I have no way of finding out if the color I choose will match my skin tone. On this situation, I am pretty sure a lot of you had been wondering about the same thing. So I’ve decided that I will be purchasing the #23 as well. Then I can compare it side by side and you can use my samples as a guide on which is more compatible to your skin tone. For those who are “morena” or dark skinned sadly, bb creams are only made in light / fair shade I recommend to try Missha BB Cream #31 Golden Beige.

Here’s a few snaps of me with Missha BB cream #21 …

Missha BB Cream

Missha BB Cream

Verdict: The quality of the cream is thick but very easy to spread. The scent may or may not bother users but in my point of view it is light enough on the nose. It smells powder like and not strong at all, eventually the scent fades away. The cream stays put the whole and I did not need much of retouching throughout the day. If I did, it is only to apply loose powder on top so I can stay matte and fresh.

Overall: 8/10 retail price is $12.99 on the official website. The price will vary depending on where you will purchase the product. The #21 is a little bit lighter than I expected from the sample color they have on the site. I will definitely buy myself the #23 to compare the color. Recommended to try. This product can be bought from Ebay.

FTC: I bought this BB cream myself and made this entry post for my honest review. I was not compensated to make this entry. I am not affiliated with Missha and this is 100% my honest opinion.

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