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Hey Candy Doll lovers! Today I have yet another makeup review to share. Per your votes on my sidebar Makeup Samples and Beauty product reviews had been one of your top choice. Tsubasa Masuwaka’s cosmetic line is one of the #1 favorite pick for Japanese gals or Gyaru lovers and is now making its way all over Asia and is slowly becoming a household name brand worldwide. Which is why I thought I’ll keep my reviews for Candy Doll on a roll. I’ll be trying to review all the cosmetic haul I received from Tokyo Ninki this month of April. A few days ago I have shared my Swatch and Lipstick Review and for today it will be for Candy Doll’s makeup base and a comparison on how it compares from a regular BB cream over texture and how it looks blended together. For those of you who are wondering why… simply because I have been using BB cream in place of liquid foundation and I know some of you ladies do the same thing. So I will be sharing some snaps to show how it looks when used with CD’s makeup base.

Candy Doll’s Makeup Base

Candy Doll Makeup Base Candy Doll Makeup Base Candy Doll Makeup Base Candy Doll Makeup Base

On the pictures above you will see how beautiful the container looks like. It comes in hot pink like shade and even has a small candy logo in the front. The instruction or ingredients information is written in Japanese though. For the scent it barely smells anything and just leaves a somewhat baby powder like scent. Nothing harsh in the nose and is barely even noticeable. For application, it is easy to apply and blend with watery like consistency for texture.

Upon Applying

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

After Spreading

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

After Blending

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

Compared to BB Cream

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

Consistency Comparison

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

After Blending Together

Candy Doll Makeup Base swatch

Candy Doll x Tokyo Ninki Blogger

Tokyo Ninki Blogger

The BB Cream I have used is Skinfood for fair complexion and have blended with the makeup base to achieve a healthy glow look. As you may see from the snaps, the Candy Doll makeup base is tinted with a golden beige like shade and when blended with a cream like shade it gives off that illusion of a light sun tan like for ladies like me who have natural fair skin tone.

Overall: Normally I just prep my face with moisturizer before applying a BB Cream and have never tried makeup base before. One thing I have noticed is that it helps keep my face looking matte and fresh. I honestly thought I should have tried this a long time ago. Totally a must have product!

FTC: The Candy Doll Makeup Base was sent to me for review purposes by For those of you who are interested in purchasing a Candy Doll Makeup Base or the whole collection, visit Tokyo Ninki – Best Selling Japanese Beauty and Cosmetic Products Store. Also, I’m not getting paid for the review I have made for this product. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies/brands mentioned. This is my honest opinion.

For those of you who have questions, suggestions or request feel free to message me and let me know and I will try my best to answer the best I can. xox

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