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How To Guide: The Proper Way to Apply Liquid Foundation

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Although mineral powder is all the rage right now, there are still times when liquid foundation is the go-to cover-up. But there is a right and wrong way to apply liquid foundation, especially if you’re trying to get a certain amount of coverage. Here are a few tips on the proper way to apply liquid foundation:

The Proper Way to Apply Liquid Foundation

Use the right tool » there are many ways to apply liquid foundation; however, the proper tool can help you achieve the amount of coverage you’re going for. Do you want sheer coverage, medium coverage, or heavy coverage? For sheer coverage, use a damp sponge; for medium coverage, try a foundation brush; and for heavier coverage it’s time to bust out the dry sponge.

Stick to a single application technique » there are many ways to apply liquid foundation on your face. However, the key to a more even and faster application process is to select and stick to one technique. Whether you use short strokes that start from the forehead or apply the foundation in sections starting from the center of your face, make sure to use the same technique until you’re done applying the makeup.

Check the canvas for even coverage » after you’ve applied liquid foundation on your face, it’s time to check your work. Look in the mirror and watch for uneven areas. If you find any, simply blend the makeup using the same technique until you achieve even coverage.

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