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I have never been so excited in my whole life. I will be going to New York soon and I just cannot wait. To start the ball rolling, I am currently browsing the internet looking at affordable flight to New York. I am still weighing my options but I will definitely make a thorough research before making a decision. I am pretty sure that New York is on every traveler’s bucket list. It is larger than life and there is so much to do and see. I do not even know if my stay will be enough to capture the vigor, soul, and style of the city.

New York Sunset

I already made a list as to the places I want to see and the things that I want to do. Since I want to be in style while I am there, I already checked my closet and made a mental picture of the clothes and accessories I will be wearing. Anyhow, first on my must-see places is the Statue of Liberty. A stirring symbol of freedom, it is only accessible via commercial ferries. I often wonder what I will see inside the statue. I would also like to visit the Empire State Building and see the view from above in its 86th floor observatory. After watching Sleepless in Seattle several times, I know for a fact that this is a romantic place for lovers to be in.

Being able to walk in Times Square is another thing that I would like to experience. It would be great to just stand there and admire all those large, neon signs. I am certainly going to watch a musical on Broadway. This is something that I have always dreamed of doing. It would also be nice to visit popular museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim Museum, and Museum of Modern Art. Since I love to shop, I cannot wait to go to Bergdorf Goodman. I definitely want to experience night life in New York and would probably go to famous hot spots like Aria, Bar 169, and Le Bar Bat.

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