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A I have shared yesterday… I bought two maxi dresses from the department store that are both equally beautiful. I decided to feature it separately to make sure the attention does not get divided between the two dress. Without further ado… here’s the black maxi dress with victorian swirls pattern all over it.

Love it? Hype it!

Maxi Dress

With all honesty, I am having a Basketball Wives craze over here. I don’t own lots of big hoop earrings which is why I am thinking if I should purchase one soon. Well, I didn’t really want to buy one as I already have one pair and I have been waiting for another pair from as I have won their nail art contest. Yet to date I still have not received the bling earrings sponsored by illlines.

The contest ended in Mar 19, 2012 and had been announced on their website: >.Which is why I am going to try to get in touch with the contest host and see if they can ask the sponsor if they have sent me the earrings already. Once I get the item I’d make sure to do a review and showcase it to y’all. More fashion post to feature! *yay*
Nonetheless, that will stop my appreciation for the BBW and of course their fashion statement. My bags / purses should be arriving anytime soon and I simlply can’t wait to start sporting an overall Basketball Wives inspired look. Til’ next! xox

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