Pastel, Pastel, Pastel!

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For the love of … PASTEL! As I was passing by the local mall here I saw quite a few store with pastel shade ensemble on their line up. Gah! I wanted to buy them all … except obviously I can’t. Even if I can afford it, I’d most likely still not purchase it off the mall. Euros converted to Dollars is still a big deal in my opinion so I’d rather purchase them off online. Not unless I am somewhere in Asia like the Philippines, where the local currency is cheaper compare to dollar. That’s where I’d be shopping ’til I drop. Ha! Anyway, since I didn’t get to purchase any… I’ll just share how the ensemble I wanted to haul looked like.

Now tell that pastel shade isn’t worth it! How I wish I have closet load of pastel shade clothing. I’d be so girly-girly everyday! Plus, this look is very easy to look at. Not quite an eye sore. For those of you who aren’t into pastel, or the minimal neutral look, you can easily adjust this look by adding columbia women’s jackets on top. That would be a great finishing touch.

Sigh. We’re free to dream right? Someday I hope to have that closet loaded with pastel / neutral colors. For the time being, sharing ideas here on my blog will suffice. Any ideas? What do y’all think of pastel? Let me know! xox

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