Pajama Party and Some Trendy Tips

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Pajama party (some calls this as sleepover party) is a fun, entertaining and exciting party to attend to. Girls usually at their teenage years do this a lot of times, especially during school vacations or holidays. Young adults also organize this fun party from time to time but not that much compared to younger ones.

For fashionable women like me, attending a pajama party must be done in such a stylish and unique way. I mean, the pajama I will wear must be suitable with the theme, my personality and at the same time cute and comfy for me and for every person around the party.

Below are some of the trendy pajama outfits that work great for me at any sleepover party I attended.


This gives me all the fashion style and pajama comfort that I need in case the pajama party I am attending includes more than a dozen of person. I can move, giggle and mingle freely with my friends while wearing this. Also, the pants I wear seem to attract their attention because of its freshness and uniqueness.


I usually wear shorts if the pajama party includes few close friends or people. If fewer persons are present at the party, it just means we can end up just sitting at the bed side or sofa, chit chatting and talking about girly things while drinking soda and munching chips. At this kind of scenario, shorts can be a good one to wear since it is comfortable and relaxing just like sitting at my own place.

Shirts And Dresses

If the pajama party is themed with luxury and elegance, shirts and dresses will be my personal and immediate choice. Why? My own collection does have luxurious style and design (they are not expensive in case you will ask) that is suitable for such pajama theme party. I know this kind of theme is not common at all but they do occur every once in a while.

Now I dished out the hottest trend in PJ’s and my personal choices, it is up to you what to choose among them. Just make sure to always know the theme and type of the party for you to suit up your pajama outfit properly.

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  1. jeliaah

    May 15, 2013 at 10:20 am

    thanks for the tip! my friends and I are trying to organise a pajama movie night soon where we plan to wear onesies!

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