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Ever since I got back from Atlanta I have been fired up with sooo many ideas for my Fashion Blog and such. I literally don’t know where to start. I know I keep on saying I got plans, but I normally don’t dish it out and keep it on secrecy. Don’t be disappointed, it’s just my way of keeping all my readers from bigger disappointment if I don’t get to roll out my plans in time. Anyway, I have never forgotten any of it. I’m starting to get on top of things … or should I say my plans?

One of the plans I have on my bucket list is to get better at my Fashion Post and re-do my old ones [the easiest of all] and most likely re-do my old outfit post. So don’t be surprised if you spotted an old Fashion Post that looks somewhat different. Simply because I have already gotten a head start. Yep! My two outfit post for AX PARIS had already been revised. 🙂 Got the chance to re-take the shots in ATL. Wahoo! Another one that I can finally cross out on my bucket list is having a few assortment of wigs in different colors to choose from. Some I don’t get to use —yet as it’s not the typical shade [ex: “pink” tone] but the natural looking human hair wigs are the ones I use on a regular basis. I will still continue buy wigs every now and then but for now I have yet to focus on my other goals.

Also, I remember mentioning recently on my blog entries that I checked out Walmart and as well as ordered my iPhone 4s and today I am finally featuring my newest babies …

iphone 4 4s

vaio white mac

Do expect tons of appearances of my iPhone4s here on my blog and instagram as I will be trying to snap some outfit post straight from my phone. 🙂

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