One Messy Day

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Basically I went on a mission to do a major clean-up of our place. Boxing, unboxing and sorting stuffs through. i am trying my best to save things that I believe are still quite useful as boyf’s motto “if it’s old and I don’t need it, on the trash it will go…” LOL. It cracks me up and at the same time makes me happy to know that he doesn’t hold on to past memories that he doesn’t need to cling on unlike how us women get. We tend to just keep things for so-called memories that we obviously don’t even have to. I stopped this habit as well since 2009. Unless it is a stuff toy like a hello kitty or an anime then I don’t care if I have to give it away. I have no need for memories that won’t do me any good anyway. The way boyf cleans up is to throw everything that’s pretty much old and he throwed quite a lot already. I went to save a few stuff toys actually as I find a few of them cute. LOL. At least I know he doesn’t want them… so he isn’t keeping it over a memory. I am actually the one who kept them and saved them from the trash bag that’s about to get thrown in the dumpster along with the old TV, travel bags, and clothes that he donated away.

Since my day had been so tiring I decided to give my foot a long soak. I wish I have my pedegg so I can polish off the dead skin cell. Unfortunately, from all the moving I did since 2009 I think I might have left it in my old apartment or in my mama’s house. Oh well… maybe next time I’ll grab a replacement along with a foot spa at home soak bin. For now I’ll just have to make do with a bucket. LOL. Here’s a snap of my feet after the soak…

After that relaxing soak I received a call from my aunt who’s asking for my “professional” opinion regarding her credit. In a snap I cracked up a short laugh as I am no longer working in a bank but my family sometimes tend to forget. It was a typical part of my job, to check credit, fico score and everything that can help regarding loans for mortgages, cars and so on. I suggested a site for her to visit as it will be a site that I would go to myself if I need to repair my credit now. hopefully she finds it as useful as I did.

Til next, I’m off to relax for now. xox

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