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Not an Ordinary Shoe Story

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Summer had always been my favorite season of the year. I get to go places, without the hassle of getting wet or having mud all over my heels or pants. I don’t have to worry having a bad hair day and to get stuck inside furry fluffy boots all day long. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other seasons just as much and I know that there are some cons about summer as well [eg; blazing hot weather]. From my perspective the pros outweighs the con. For a fashion enthusiast like me, it’s absolutely perfect as I get to show off my beautiful clothes and fashionable shoes.

One thing though, keeping up with the latest trends can be quite costly. We all want to be up to date, but honestly speaking we don’t want to spend a chunk of our hard earned money. Having beautiful designer shoes doesn’t have to be as expensive. After all, there are reliable stores that offer bargain finds without compromising quality. Check out my latest top picks that I am keeping my eye on…


These beautiful designer shoes are definitely a steal, and believe it or not all are priced for less than $100! Macy’s never ceases to amaze me. They always have the latest designs of women’s shoes without asking for a fortune. They have a wide range of collection from Coach, Material Girl, Michael Kors to Steve Madden and so much more. A regular designer shoe can cost around $300 on other stores, while at Macy’s the same shoe retails for a much affordable price.

Shopping can be quite fun [and addicting] if you know where to shop at. It is never a crime to know you’re getting your money’s worth. With Macy’s you can guarantee money well spent. Looking fashionable have never been this easy on the budget, ‘til now.

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