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My Workout Challenge

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Yes… we’re taking yet another break from my reviews and fashion post. Today I am sharing something related to health and staying fit. WOW… I still can’t believe I am actually posting something related to working out again. If you’re supporting my facebook page and following me on twitter you’d know already all about my latest “challenge” of trying to kick off some flabs and be fitter and slimmer. It’s not like I’m obese but I’m not skinny neither. I’m average and just like the typical couch potato and full time blogger, you can’t help starting to gain a few unflattering curves here and there for just sitting in front of the laptop almost the whole day with a bag of chips or snacks on one corner.

Each and every day I wish I have a flatter tummy, a much more toned mid-section to be precise and shapelier butt and of course no saggy chicken wings. Then again it’s all in my mind. I never really go for it. If I do, I only try as hard as a day or so and give up after the pain starts kicking in. So a few days ago as I was brain storming and trying to analyze my daily activity and thinking ahead of what are my goals I thought, I can’t just be doing these and forget about my physical appearance. I need to step up my game. Except, I knew I always say that. So I revised my plan and goals and made it shorter and smaller. So it is easier to attain. Starting Monday this week I started jogging / running and my main goal is to stay active for 15 minutes. As long as I finish the 15 minutes I’m good. Once I’m used to it, I can move forward. If I can do better than 15 minutes in a day then that’s awesome.

Day 1

workout health fitness angela ricardo koreandoll

Day 2

workout health fitness angela ricardo koreandoll

Day 3

workout health fitness angela ricardo koreandoll

My Super Lame Workout Outfit

koreandoll angela ricardo workout outfit exercise

Yes, I know I look so unfashionable and lame but I don’t really have a workout gear. Not like I have been doing this for a while. So I just told myself if I do eventually get to stick with this workout routine then yes, I will get better gear. Nice matching outfit and so on. I even researched already what kind of running shoes is best. So if someday I get to that point I will save up and get some Asics. Except I need to make sure I don’t fall off the wagon first or it will be just a waste of money. For now I am good with my sports suited tank top and borrowing boyf’s shorts. 😛

On the other hand I’ve been eating lightly and since I love coffee so much and had been drinking it for as long as I can remember… I pretty much dodged the idea of cutting back. My favorite is the Starbucks Frappe in a bottle that comes in 3 different flavors. I thought, if I do my own coffee at home I can control the sugar and can help myself shed off more flabs. Some people love their coffee at a certain way, and on my case I fancy having mines in the sleek bottle that it came with. So I thought I can still enjoy my coffee at home like as if I got it done professionally if I had my coffee cups personalized. Just go for what works for you best. If it helps you stay motivated go for it! If you have questions, comments, or suggestion feel free to let me know. Til’ next! xox

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