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My Fashionable Thoughts About Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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First and foremost of all, let me begin this blog post with a big warm thanks to IMG Fashion and Rightster as they are the genius minds behind the live stream of every runway show from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Because of this, I am able to witness up close and personal the newest and trendiest in the fashion scene even at the convenience of my own home.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Let’s face it, it’s not like I have the means to purchase my own ticket to see all sorts of runway shows I would love too see. So obviously, I would have to find some means in order to catch up and one of those is by watching live streams. The great thing about that as a fashion blogger, I am able to write my perspective and opinion on a timely manner. I wouldn’t have to rely seeing the new about it on other blogs or magazine.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Proceeding with my thoughts and observation of the Mercedes Benz fashion week, I immediately noticed that the MBFW catwalk is taken over by supermodels. Not only that, all the models who walked at the line-up looked really posh and chic. By all means, it’s not only because of their outfit as they all have such elegance and grace in some manner. These supermodels have such class and elegance that makes the collection or clothing they wear more gorgeous looking. Another thing to point out is that the show is a lot more interesting and exciting as there are a lot of veteran and respectable designers alongside with some of the emerging brands from around the globe (who showcased their very own collection at this fashion show as well). With all honesty, if Mercedes Benz can pull off something great like this in terms of fashion show, what more for their car collection! Hopefully someday I’d be able to watch a Mercedes Benz fashion show or a car show that features their latest and best convertibles cars straight from the front rows. I’ve seen quite a few well known bloggers with VIP invites to witness the show live.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

As of now, I am happy and content that at least I have the means to watch the show compare to none at all. Who knows, maybe someday someone will take notice of my writing skills and see that I am more than capable to cover fashion runway shows and other types of event. Living here in Italy has its perks as I can easily travel to Milan to check out the latest in fashion for my fashion post inspiration. I suppose all I need now is just a bigger break or a well connected contact to get my talent and skill out there. Wishful thinking, but I know it’s not impossible. How about y’all … what are your thought about the latest in the runway scene? Let me know! xx

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