Modern Day Marie Antoinette Halloween Makeup Look with Lancôme Auda[City]

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Teaming up with Lancôme is absolutely a dream for every fashion and beauty blogger – I know it is for me. Personally speaking I totally love their vision, products as well as overall aesthetic. As an enthusiastic beauty curator, I strive to deliver content that my family, friends as well as readers can relate to or will be interested in.

Back In 2010, Lancôme made Michelle Phan their official video make-up artist after she featured some of their products in her videos. She became their first Vietnamese spokesperson, acting as Lancôme’s representative not only in the United States but also around the world.wikipedia

Many of us up and coming bloggers / vloggers who have seen those videos and witnessed Michelle’s rise to fame have seen light at a very long, narrow and dark tunnel – giving us hope and aspiring to be a better version of ourselves. Hoping one day, it will open doors of opportunities to say the least.

So when I have received an email from Lancôme’s PR team after discovering my blog and social channels ( … and lovin’ my style ) you bet my heart skipped a beat! With Halloween fast approaching, they invited me to experience some of Lancôme’s new and classic innovations to create a quintessentially French inspired Halloween look.

Lancôme then surprised me with their beautiful breath-taking collection. I’ve debated between dramatically bold or coquettishly pretty, and eventually went with the latter. Using the collection they sent me, I’ve created a modern day Marie Antoinette inspired makeup look. I really think it would make an easy last minute Halloween makeup look for those who are still looking for ideas.


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Product Breakdown

Lancôme Product Unboxing



The box is absolutely chic, gorgeous and dreamy – and it came carefully packaged in a circle shaped box filled with feathers and wrapped with a lace.

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Product Breakdown

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