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Maintaining a Healthy Skin

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Often times, I get asked how do I keep my skin looking healthy and glowing. My answer always stays the same, proper hygiene, compatible skin care products and as well as vitamins. There’s no such thing as a perfect skin. In fact, I do get blemishes too and believe it or not I battle oily skin on a daily basis. Aside from that I also have enlarged pores on my nose. I just make sure to stay on top of my routine to keep my skin looking healthy and always at its best.

On a daily basis I make sure to wash my face with Clearasil facial wash. It took quite a few trial and error to find a facial wash that works with my skin. If it makes you break out, you should know better to move on to a different one. Then of course the regular use of toner / astringent and makeup remover to remove any deep seated dirt and residue. I also try to stay away from oily and fatty foods and regularly take vitamins / supplements from to nourish my skin. There are lots to choose from but my top 3 picks are as follow:

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a good source of antioxidants that helps repair and as well as protect our skin. These antioxidants combat skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and so much more. Taking this regularly will help keep your skin looking smooth and supple.


With just about the same concept of Vitamine E, this superfruit is well known to combat aging and works great as a moisturizing agent without the light and greasy feel. Premature aging is a very big issue to tackle and with Omega-3, Omega-6 as well as Omega-9 fatty acids, keeping a youthful glow is as easy as popping a supplement.

Green Tea

While Tea is not considered a vitamin, it can be categorized under supplement for the fact that it helps supply beneficial extract to our body. Personally, I take green tea, to help cleanse my body and as well as to keep me relax and calm. All else, green tea works great soothing and refreshing our skin.

Overall, there are a lot of products available at Holland & Barrett to help maintain a healthy glowing skin. They are UK’s leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and as well as herbal supplements. Aside from their product, their customer service is very commendable too for being on top of every transaction. For any questions or inquiries, their staff are more than eager to answer on a very timely manner. Lastly, cost and shipping fee is more than exemplary as they made sure to ship directly from the manufacturer to avoid extra cost. Holland & Barrett is a company that cares for their customer and as well as their service.

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