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Leopard Nails & Poker

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As you may all know already… last night I went to play at the Poker Club and had soo much fun! I think my leopard print nails brought me luck. Lulz. Anywhoo it was my very first live tourney and mind you since I am too girly-girl the men in the table weren’t taking my presence seriously. They just think I’m in there for fun and not to win. Wrong! Til’ I kept winning. There was this point where a guy was trying to smooth his way out, thinking he can read me or predict what I have by using sweet words and smiling… naaah! Po-po-poker face! I got pocket 5’s and there’s a 5 on the table. I won trips with an Ace as a kicker. Great right? Oh well, it was while it lasted. Eventually I had to go all in with my best chance as the blinds are eating up my chips. Nonetheless I had so much fun. Anyways here’s a few more snaps of my happy hour night.

Awesome right? Well… I’ll give it a try again next time. Tourney’s are a lot more challenging than cash game. 😛 Maybe a different nail art too. Til next! xoxo

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