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Legally Blonde … or Not

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Fashion blogging had made such a big difference in my life. I get to re-invent myself every time I feel like it. The makeup I apply, the clothes and shoes I choose to wear and how I would have my hair and nails done makes a whole new look altogether. It is both fun and exciting. Each waking day can be as normal or as thrilling depending on my mood. I have yet to learn more makeup application stuff, as well as for nail art … but when it comes to my frocks it is far more easier than the first two.

Even back in the day when I wasn’t blogging about Fashion or Beauty I have always had been into wigs. Somehow in a snap I can have a whole new look and aura. Blame it on Hester Browne‘s book The Little Lady Agency series. The main character Melissa changes herself up with her blonde wig. Ah the power of wigs! I can dish out more but then that’s just spoiling the fun. Better off get the book and you;d know what I mean. Anywhoo … if y’all remembered I have shared my first version of my Asian Barbie look back in December of ’11 and did an outfit post titled Gyaru Barbie on March ’12 … today I am sharing another version but with a straight blonde wig!

korean dollkorean dollkorean dollkorean doll

From my perspective I prefer the straight blonde wig over the curly one. I just might end up experimenting more looks with this wig. I really had fun with it and that’s all that matters. Anyone of you love wigs too? It’s just that I would rather try on wigs than keep on dyeing and bleaching my hair. I’m sure my hair takes a lot of beating already from my regular experimentation and this one is just a bit too extreme to do at home. Maybe someday I’ll go for it when I feel like I’m ready to spend that much money to have a platinum blonde hair. One trip would’t be so bad, but the upkeep would be crazy every time my roots starts showing. Plus, I am still very happy and in love with my two toned hair color. ‘Til next! xox

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