The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Y’all know already that I love to travel so when a friend wanted to come over for a weekend get-away of course me and boyf were more than thrilled! After fetching Sada from the airport we headed out to Pisa for a long day ahead of us. Just like any other tourist we where posing beside the tower like as if we’re pushing it, pulling it or leaning on it. Lol. ^^,

Then we went back on the road towards Florence and strolled around town. I super love travelling!

From a very tiring day obviously we would end up being starved. Sada and I have that in common… we both get hungry quite fast —or that’s what boyfs opinion is. I pretty much get hungry after 3 hours of being on the move. My metabolism burns my energy fast. So we had a wonderful dinner in a very promising restaurant.


Sweet Wine

Seafood Pasta


Sausage and Beans

Our dinner was super delish. I actually ordered an extra meal which isRisotto Rice & Mushroom but I never got around taking a picture of as obviously I immediately got tongue tied with the mouth watering aroma of the pasta. We just checked in a few minutes ago in our hotel and just relaxing before we head out for our last venue for the night the Central Park Club –whoop whoop! I’ll post pix tomorrow after I catch some snooze. For now time for me to get all dolled up so I can look good tonight. xox

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